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Welcome to Dildine Media, Videography services for the performing arts. Our team of seasoned professionals captures with the latest 4K cameras for dance recitals, fashion shows, plays, skating, cheerleading, and all other competitions. Choreography is extremely important to the studio owners and instructors. We also know that parents want to see their children clearly. That’s why we offer a studio-only version that showcases all the choreography and a multiple-camera mixed version for the parents. Parents love our videos because they can see their children clearly. Studio owners and instructors are thrilled that they can see all the choreography. We meet with every studio owner and or instructor to analyze your videography needs.

How It Works:

By getting to know you and what you feel makes a great video helps us to provide you with the best videography experience. After listening to you we will continue to do what you like and by making the improvements to what you don’t, we will have created a video that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. Depending on the type of coverage needed we will cover your recital with up to four cameras. We always arrive extra early to position our cameras in unobtrusive locations. We always take a direct feed from the house sound system and we always use additional microphones to hear the tap routines and audience applause.

All of Our Video Productions Include:

Without question, we feel we offer the best value for our money…Dare to Compare!

  • Single or Multi-Camera
  • Professional audio
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Experienced Team
  • Skilled In Theatre Lighting
  • Repeat Clients
  • Broadcast Quality
  • Credits
  • Available on DVD with  Authoring & Packaging
  • Available on USB thumb drive
  • Available as a direct download

Theatrical videography is a specialty of ours. We preserve the magic of your theatre event for the students and their families through the power of professional videography. We have the ability to capture your event with multiple cameras. We will strategically place our cameras for an unobstructed view to capture your event in its entirety without distraction. We offer brighter pictures and multiple microphones to ensure that the sound is crisp & clear. We digitally edit the finished video together into a digital keepsake. The final video is delivered on a custom DVD with image and text-based chapter points, on disc printing, and a custom DVD case. USB Thumb Drive is also available.

Our Prices Are Affordable. Our turnaround time is quick! Most videos are ready within 2-3 weeks.

Call now to reserve your recital date! 219-808-0613

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